Survey says: Effective branding through survey returns

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Obtaining a general view or opinion of someone or something, as in the case of products and services, is among the most effective ways of gathering pertinent information for branding. Surveys, as opposed to direct interviews, establish a sense of security and a non-threatening environment that allows consumers to freely express and reveal their actual thoughts about a product in question.

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Awareness is key to an effective marketing strategy, and should inform survey preparations prior to the use of the research tool. The basic requirements include defining specific goals that will lead to picking the right tool, formulating questions that will be directed to specified targets, testing, and deploying the survey and measuring results.

An effective survey does not only encourage respondents to answer questions but must also be designed in such a way that the respondent is made aware of the brand being projected and that he is influenced into considering the brand being purchased the next time.

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The survey must be timely. It should not measure future behavior, rather, it should capitalize on past and current characteristics, perceptions, preferences, and even measured characteristics. Questions must be a mix of open- and closed-ended sets.

Branding is also efficiently done by a survey that would allow for tracking. This enables the provider to evaluate awareness, usage, and attributes of the product as well as the likelihood of the consumer choosing to purchase the product.

Conducting a brand tracking survey enables product-owners to ascertain customer satisfaction, build the brand by checking out the market, and compare data for a more successful marketing potential.

Spiro Baltas is the founder of New York-based firm Gotham Brand, which specializes in designing brand identities and personalities. Get more tips on how to brand your products here.


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