Branding lessons from Aristotle to Matti Leshem

Consumers make the brand. But the way they do so changes over time. Much has been written about how products and services can win buyers’ attention and loyalty. But the following pieces of branding advice, from ancient philosophical figures to thought leaders to even pop culture, are worth taking a look at. They are some of the most indispensable ones, both for starting and emerging businesses:

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Aristotle: Reconsider the seven causes of human action. His golden philosophy remains relevant especially in marketing. Businesses must well respond to each of these actions to build brand equity. Among others, capitalize on people’s compulsion, habit, and reason. Encourage them to take action, and give them sound reasons for buying and remaining loyal to the product. How the rest of Aristotle’s philosophy applies to branding is succinctly discussed here.

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Steve Jobs: Touch people’s hearts. Aside from tapping into their minds, the brand must also strike a chord in people’s hearts. The late Apple CEO used Nike as an example. It sells shoes, but it doesn’t talk much about the astounding features of its products; instead, he said, “They honor great athletes and they honor great athletics.”

“Breaking Bad”: Find channels to distribute a brand, or don’t make a brand at all. Walter White struggled to sell his invention because it’s an illegal drug. Had it been a different case, distribution shouldn’t be a problem. All it takes is to patiently build the supply network, and start now. This is not to encourage everyone to rise to the challenge of selling illegal wares. The point is that if people can’t buy a product, then it makes no sense creating and perfecting one.

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Matti Leshem: Communication is paramount. What’s a great idea when it remains unvoiced? That is one of the points Leshem raised when he sat down with Forbes. The ability to put the idea across is as important as the idea per se. If people can grasp the core sense of the brand in one go, they will purchase it and remain loyal to it.

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